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To Password Manager or Not to Password Manager, That is the Question

Thu Nov 12 2015

Surely you have heard this many times before: “Make sure your passwords are as random…

Stoking the Flames in the Adblocker vs Anti-adblocker Debate

Wed Nov 04 2015

Adware is a touchy topic. Ask its opponents and they will tell you that adware…

Send in the Clones! (The Chrome Clones, That is)

Thu Oct 22 2015

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Let’s imagine for a moment…

Of Smurfs, a Real Estate Mogul (who just happens to be running in the presidential primaries) and Vigilantes

Thu Oct 08 2015

Things are always changing in the world of malware and cyber threats. Every day there…

How do you Spell "Success"? Not like this….

Tue Sep 29 2015

What do you get when you misspell “successful” and mix it up with a really…

The Lowdown on CoreBot, the Malware that Thinks it's a Transformer

Thu Sep 17 2015

Have you heard of Modular Malware? How about CoreBot? Modular malware is malware that can…


What’s up with WhatsApp?

Thu Sep 10 2015

Are you a fan of WhatsApp? The hugely popular messaging app has just been alerted…

What Security Experts Do That You Aren't Doing

Wed Aug 26 2015

You think you’re pretty tech savvy, right? After all, you are the one grandma calls…


Hammertoss – What you need to know

Mon Aug 10 2015

Consider for a moment the possibility that your PC has been attacked by malware. You…


In search of secure passwords

Thu Jul 09 2015

Hackers. The word conjures up images of slick and elusive masterminds (albeit pretty geeky ones)….