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Lessons from the SWIFT Fiasco – Could you be Banking Safer ?

Tue May 31 2016

Remember how your crazy old Aunt Sally stashed all her money in between mattresses because…

Have you Been Pwned in the LinkedIn Data Dump? Here is how to Tell!

Tue May 24 2016

Where were you in 2012? If you were on LinkedIn back then, there’s a good…

The Banking Trojan in Your Pocket (or, Why Your Smartphone is Way Less Secure Than you Think it is)

Wed May 18 2016

We’re betting you love your smartphone. It’s okay if you do, because you’re in good…


Ransomware, Ransomware , Everywhere

Thu May 12 2016

We have written a lot about ransomware in all different forms and incarnations here on…


Adware goes rogue

Thu Apr 28 2016

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that “adware” and “annoying” both start with the letter A, because…


Curiosity killed the computer

Mon Apr 18 2016

Chalk it up to the fact that homo sapiens have always had to find new…


The dangers of public WiFi

Fri Apr 08 2016

Remember that time that you, channeling your inner diva, began to belt it out on…


How to spring clean your PC!

Mon Mar 21 2016

Springtime for us means it’s time for none another than…spring cleaning! And if there is…

Encryption – why it should matter to you

Mon Mar 07 2016

Do you use Gmail? If you do, you might have noticed a new addition to…

Scrambling for Last Minute Gifts? Maybe Don't Give Gift Cards….

Mon Dec 28 2015

There’s nothing that says “Sorry buddy, I just couldn’t think of anything to get you“…