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How to steer clear of Cyber Monday scams

Thu Nov 23 2017

“It’s the most hackable time of the year.”  Oh wait, that’s not how the song…


Fireball – the explosive malware heard ‘Round the World’

Thu Jun 22 2017

When is adware not just adware? When it’s also malware, of course! Fireball, a new…


Vulnerability of the year: Ransomware

Sun Dec 25 2016

“Um, honey, I think we have a problem. The computer is telling me that all…


Ransomware, Ransomware , Everywhere

Thu May 12 2016

We have written a lot about ransomware in all different forms and incarnations here on…


How to spring clean your PC!

Mon Mar 21 2016

Springtime for us means it’s time for none another than…spring cleaning! And if there is…


13 tips for safe shopping this Cyber Monday

Sat Nov 28 2015

Shop-o-holics and retailers rejoice! The season of grabbing great deals (before you even decide if…


Hammertoss – What you need to know

Mon Aug 10 2015

Consider for a moment the possibility that your PC has been attacked by malware. You…


What is a computer worm?

Wed Jun 17 2015

A computer worm is malicious, self-replicating software that gets into operating systems via vulnerabilities with…


What is Spyware?

Thu Jun 04 2015

Spyware is software that “spies” on your computer, collecting information about browsing habits and internet…


What is Ransomware and how does it harm your computer?

Mon Jun 01 2015

Ransomware is a kind of malicious software that encrypts or locks your files in exchange…