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Reason Download Defender- It’s time to defend your downloads.

Wed Aug 21 2019

The threat landscape is undeniably becoming more challenging and more menacing every day. It seems…


Think SMBs Fall Under the Radar as Targets for Cyber Threats? Think Again.

Sun Jul 14 2019

Cybersecurity breaches only make the headlines when they involve large entities like banks or tech…


The 5 Coolest Mother’s Day Tech Gifts You Can Find (and how to secure them!)

Thu May 09 2019

  Today is Mother’s Day, the day set aside to honor those special women, who…

To Scan or Not to Scan – The Proactive Way to Protect Your PC

Wed May 08 2019

Another day, another major hack. This time around, India-based outsourcing giant Wipro was hit with…


Browser-based threats – don’t Worry, we’ve got your back

Tue Apr 30 2019

In spring 2018, a powerful banking Trojan named BackSwap surfaced, targeting online banking users in…


Webcam hacking – taking back what’s yours

Wed Mar 13 2019

Today, cameras are everywhere — on our phones, our Alexas, baby monitors, desktops, laptops, home…

Abstract 3D Eyeballs Watch Us!

It’s Data Privacy Day: What does your camera know about you?

Tue Jan 22 2019

January 28th is International Data Privacy Day. If you’re wondering why data privacy needs its…


Virobot: are monster mash-ups the future of ransomware?

Wed Oct 10 2018

Veux-tu Virobot? For the non-francophones among us, what we’re asking is if you’ve heard about…


Watch out for online learning scams!

Thu Sep 13 2018

You may not have known, but September 15th is National Online Learning Day. Nowadays, it…


Ransomware or crypto mining malware? Rakhni is both!

Thu Jul 19 2018

Which is worse: getting hit with crypto mining malware or falling prey to ransomware? with…