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Which Malware Best Suits Your Personality?

Sun Mar 29 2020

We’ve all seen them – personality tests that ask you what type of animal you…


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Thu Mar 19 2020

Cybersecurity tips for SMBs that conduct online meetings from home offices Welcome to the era…


The top 8 biggest security issues small businesses must know about

Tue Mar 10 2020

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Your microphone – one more thing small businesses need to worry about

Sat Mar 07 2020

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” This astute quote is attributed…


Cryptomining Malware: What every small business needs to know

Tue Mar 03 2020

There is a new big cybercrime baddie in town: Cryptomining malware, also referred to as…


Sick of being tracked? 7 tips to stop internet tracking

Sun Mar 01 2020

Guess what – You’re being tracked. Is that news to you? Well, it shouldn’t be….


Award-winning Protection for Your Beauty Business

Wed Feb 12 2020

The 2020 Academy Awards – a night of glamour and excitement, a night of Oscar…


7 Cybersecurity Beauty Hacks You Need to Know!

Sun Feb 09 2020

You can’t make this stuff up. One Sunday last year, Gillian Franklin, owner of Heat…


Small businesses need some Valentine’s Day love too

Thu Feb 06 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the cyber criminals in the world! …said no small business…


Can small businesses really keep their data private?

Sun Jan 19 2020

The right to privacy has a long, sometimes contentious history, but today it is recognized…