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Gearing up for July 4th: Barbeques, fireworks and cybersecurity

Sat Jul 04 2020

By all means, fire up the barbeque, watch some fireworks, fly the flag high, and…


Guess who’s back? Virus.Ramnit is here (to stay?)

Tue Jun 23 2020

Virus.Ramnit first made its appearance back in 2010 in the form of a rather simplistic…


Open for business: Getting back to the office during COVID-19

Tue Jun 16 2020

Finding their way back to a semblance of workplace normalcy will likely be one of…


Persistence method using Facebook Messenger desktop app

Thu Jun 11 2020

Reason Labs researcher, Shai Alfasi, finds persistence method on the Facebook Messenger desktop app. The…


Undetect me if you can

Thu May 21 2020

A new variant of the raccoon malware to steal user data from browsers.  The one…


“Tell me about yourself”: Conducting job interviews from home

Thu May 21 2020

Let’s be honest. The novelty of working from home has worn off. People, communities, and…


COVID-19: Keeping internal work teams up to speed

Mon May 11 2020

Being a leader of remote work teams is many things, but easy isn’t one of…


Can the Internet handle all the traffic while everyone works from home?

Mon Apr 13 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic thrust the world into shelter-in-place mode, more people are relying on…


Conducting video calls while your kids are around? You can do this!

Sun Apr 12 2020

It’s not as if finding a work-life balance has ever been easy, but the COVID-19…


It’s spring time! 8 tips to help you clean out your computer

Wed Apr 01 2020

Some people are neat freaks, while some are…not. Whichever category you fall into (don’t worry,…