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Not only Garmin. Ransomware attacks on businesses are rising

Mon Aug 17 2020

Ransomware, one of the biggest security problems on the Internet today, is a type of…


Anubis, an ancient Egyptian god or malicious malware?

Sun Aug 09 2020

If you’re an expert in Egyptian mythology or even have just a passing knowledge of…


Diagnosis: improve cybersecurity in your small healthcare business

Tue Aug 04 2020

Imagine this: You’re a healthcare professional arriving bright and early at your healthcare place of…


Why your employees are valuable to your business security

Thu Jul 30 2020

When business owners set out to evaluate their business’ most valuable assets, they often overlook…


Agent Tesla malware and how it’s related to you: 7 important facts you should know

Tue Jul 14 2020

Dubbed April 2020’s most wanted malware, Agent Tesla malware is an advanced remote access Trojan…


World Chocolate Day: From cocoa to chocolate, to cyber scams, to cybersecurity

Tue Jul 07 2020

Delectable, decadent, and delicious, chocolate is the most popular sweet treat in the world. It’s…


5 things you didn’t know about Emotet malware

Tue Jun 30 2020

If you thought your family tree was complicated, wait till you hear about the Emotet…


Persistence method using Facebook Messenger desktop app

Thu Jun 11 2020

Reason Labs researcher, Shai Alfasi, finds persistence method on the Facebook Messenger desktop app. The…


“Tell me about yourself”: Conducting job interviews from home

Thu May 21 2020

Let’s be honest. The novelty of working from home has worn off. People, communities, and…


Can the Internet handle all the traffic while everyone works from home?

Mon Apr 13 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic thrust the world into shelter-in-place mode, more people are relying on…