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Dealing with JavaScript obfuscations – Part 3

Sun Jun 07 2020

So in the last part, we learned how to deal with some Garbage and Linked…


Dealing with JavaScript obfuscations – Part 2

Mon Jun 01 2020

In part one, we learned about Javascript as a malware and we started to understand…


From Accounting to Yoga: Free online services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wed May 27 2020

A growing number of companies have stepped up to help families, businesses, and teams navigate…


Dealing with JavaScript obfuscations – Part 1

Wed May 27 2020

Using JavaScript in cyber attacks is not exactly new, but more and more attackers are…


“Tell me about yourself”: Conducting job interviews from home

Thu May 21 2020

Let’s be honest. The novelty of working from home has worn off. People, communities, and…


Multistage malware breakdown – Part 2

Sun May 17 2020

In the last part, we started analyzing an HTA file, which revealed a Powershell script…


Multistage malware breakdown – Part 3

Sun May 17 2020

The Ads.jpg analysis So after extracting the information from the VBScript, we saw a download…


Multistage malware breakdown – Part 1

Wed May 13 2020

Nowadays, malware is more sophisticated due to the use of obfuscation techniques. The goal of…


Get some ‘quarantime’ with your kids

Mon May 11 2020

Unprecedented, unusual, unwanted; shelter-in-place life is all that and more. Yet, according to medical experts,…


COVID-19: Keeping internal work teams up to speed

Mon May 11 2020

Being a leader of remote work teams is many things, but easy isn’t one of…