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Four reasons to run a manual antivirus scan

Sun Mar 01 2020

Ever notice how many different types and names there are for antivirus scans? There are…


Which antivirus should I buy?

Mon Jan 13 2020

Cybercrime is on the rise; it is becoming increasingly ubiquitous and menacing. From private individuals,…


Which antivirus is best for PCs in India

Mon Jan 13 2020

Cybercrime is a global phenomenon and India has been just as affected by it as…


Which antivirus is best for an HP laptop?

Mon Jan 13 2020 reported that HP’s laptop shipments accounted for 24.7 percent of the global notebook shipments…


What antivirus does Google use?

Mon Jan 13 2020

Google claims that security is an integral part of all their operations and that they…


What antivirus does Apple use?

Mon Jan 13 2020

For a very long time, it was widely promulgated that Apple computers didn’t get infected…


What do antivirus do?

Mon Jan 13 2020

Antivirus, aka anti-virus, aka anti-malware, aka security software, has been around since 1971, and yes,…


How Antivirus Protect Your Data

Mon Jan 13 2020

Pretty much anyone who uses the Internet today has heard of computer viruses and malware…


Can antivirus software scan Zip files?

Mon Jan 13 2020

Before answering the question, ‘can antivirus scan zip files?’, we should first take a brief…


Can Antivirus Remove Virus?

Sun Jan 12 2020

To answer the question, ‘can antivirus software remove viruses’, we should first examine what antivirus…