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Filters, Protects, Blocks: 3 Ways A DNS Ensures Safer Online Experience

Sun Jul 31 2022

    A DNS, or ‘Domain Name System’, is another one of those systems that…


6 Top Tips for Staying Cyber Safe on World Social Media Day

Thu Jun 30 2022

  The original design of social media was to promote communication, expand horizons, extend breadths…


3 Reasons Why the Fonts You Use Affect Your Cybersecurity!

Wed Jun 29 2022

  Anyone who has ever used an online word processing program – such as Microsoft…

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Why Webcam And Mic Protection Is A Must-Have

Tue May 31 2022

Most of us don’t realize just how easy and common it is for hackers to…


Do I Need a VPN? 5 Excellent Reasons to Choose One Today

Wed May 25 2022

India has been hitting cybersecurity headlines recently, with their new proposed legislation regarding Virtual Private…